Parcours 2 Iso in Bronze by Aigle

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~ Anti-fatigue sole for extreme comfort ~ Protects against the coldest of climates ~ Natural rubber upper gives comfort, strength and flexibility ~ Waterproof and adjustable gusset ~ 4.5mm neoprene lining for warmth ~ 4.5mm lining in the insole to protect around the foot ~ Extra lining in the sole to protect the sole of the foot against the cold ~ Three density natural rubber shock absorbing sole, for cushioning, stability and abrasion resistance ~ Multi directional grip to prevent sliding in all directions Master rubber craftsman since 1853, Aigle manufactures its boots by hand in France. Thanks to experience founded on tradition and technology, each day Aigle fulfils its promise of protection and comfort. For 160 years, men and women have maintained a valuable tradition of expertise. Today, at the Chatellerault plant in France, 200 craftsmen produce 4,000 pairs of hand-made boots every day.