Parcours 2 Iso Open by Aigle

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BOOTS THAT LAST Aigle's Gomma Plus upper material is a mixture based on flexible rubber and designed to stand up for many years to conditions associated with being outdoors, including liquid manure and the ozone. It is also resistant to the ageing process linked to long periods of storage. KEEP WARM The Parcours Iso have 4.5mm of Neoprene lining inside, plus 6mm of insulating felt on the insole. Neoprene is the best insulating material known of today, and is commonly used in diving suits. PARCOURS TECHNOLOGY Fitted ankle means walking boot comfort can be expected from these rubber boots, with support where it is needed most. Now with added anti-fatigue technology incorporated into the sole unit and a better grip pattern on the outsole. Another feature of the Parcours Iso boots is the zipped closure with waterproof gusset.