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Harkila Heat

Härkila’s innovative HEAT technology uses a thin heating membrane that warms you safely and efficiently, ensuring optimum comfort and performance. The heating membrane can be easily folded up and packed away without harm, a clear improvement over products that use copper wires and carbon fibre, which are often stiff and fragile. Härkila’s HEAT Control app allows you to control the temperature of your product to the precise degree by rotating the intuitive dial in the app. It offers maximum control and the ability to choose the exact temperature to suit your level of activity. The HEAT Control system reacts rapidly, and the unique lining helps retain heat and distribute it effectively around the body. A push button on the HEAT products allows you to switch between the three pre-set temperatures with a simple press. The button also contains our HEAT Control technology, which lets you connect the product to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Choose the prefect temperature. With the HEAT Control app, you get maximum control over your Härkila HEAT products. With its intuitive design, you can choose the perfect temperature by rotating a dial in the app.

The HWS® Härkila Weather System will keep you dry on the hunt. Härkila’s HWS® membrane system is a windproof and waterproof technology, developed specifically for hunting. Our research & development team joined up with some of the World’s leading membrane specialists to create this technology. Together with experienced hunters, we have perfected the technology by testing it in the field. The result is a range of waterproof, windproof, breathable, and lightweight membranes, tailored to the needs of the hunter. This is a solution for the hunter who wants high performance while staying dry and comfortable, even during high-intensity activity under harsh conditions. HWS® uses hydrophilic membranes that draw moisture out. The system keeps the hunter dry by rapidly absorbing and removing perspiration. The moisture is wicked through the membrane and distributed over the surface, where it rapidly evaporates and stabilises the temperature inside the garment. At the same time, the holes in the membrane are so small that they prevent water molecules from entering from outside. This is an innovative technology in a robust construction that both enhances adaptability and protects the hunter from the elements.

GORE-TEX®. Offers high-performance waterproof technologies that upgrade your comfort & protection. You get durable waterproofness, optimized breathability, total windproofness, plus many more high-performance benefits. Whether you’re tackling mountain storms or dashing through downtown showers, the original GORE-TEX® products range upgrades your comfort & protection. Durably waterproof // Totally windproof // Extremely breathable // Extremely rugged // Insulating // Lightweight // Persistent beading // Stretchable // Rugged

Polartec® fabrics are some of the most advanced performance textiles that are available today. Polartec® invented modern synthetic fleece in 1981 and now offers a collection of over 300 different fabrics that are designed to keep you warm, dry and, most important, comfortable in a wide variety of outdoor activities. Polartec® fabrics range from extremely lightweight base layer fabrics for long underwear and T-shirts, stretchable fabrics for performance-fits, and water repellent soft shells to flame resistant fabrics for the military. Think of Polartec® fabrics as the protection nature didn’t give you. The fabrics can keep you warm when it’s cold, keep you dry when you sweat, even repel wind, rain, and snow to protect you from the elements. At Härkila, we use Polartec® technologies in a wide range of our gloves and fleeces to give them added comfortability, breathability, warmth, and quick-drying properties.