Harkila mens sizing chart

A unique pattern. Härkila’s AXIS MSP® camouflage is one of the most thoroughly tested camouflage patterns on the market. MSP stands for Multi Season Pattern, which means that the camouflage has been designed to be effective for a variety of different terrains at different times of the hunting season.

The AXIS MSP® camouflage is developed for the vision of deer and similar game animals. The unique pattern is designed around two axes. The first axis pattern mimics the background vegetation and prevents detection. The second breaks up the outline of the hunter and prevents recognition. This combination will get you closer to the animal – giving you those crucial extra seconds when it counts.



HSP® Härkila Storm Pro is Härkila’s lightweight and windproof membrane, designed especially for hunting, with built-in stretch for maximum ease of movement and flexibility. The HSP® membrane is fully windproof, which ensures that even high winds cannot pass through the fabric. At the same time, the HSP® membrane is highly breathable, to ensure that excess heat is quickly transported away from the body for comfort at any level of activity.