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Deerhunter Chasse Trousers The Deerhunter Chasse Trousers are designed for men who invest time in outdoor sports and who need clothing that can provide them with comfort, versatility, and resistance to whatever the weather, the environment, or their dogs can throw at them in their outdoor pursuits. These trousers are going to keep you warm and dry in any weather. It's made of waterproof, water-repellent, breathable, and windproof fabric. It also has taped seams. You can wear it for hiking, camping, or any outside activity without getting cold or soaking wet. For a comfortable fit and enhanced freedom of movement, these Deerhunter Chasse men's Trousers have pre-shaped knee soft and an elasticated waistband offering ultimate freedom. With Deerhunter Chasse Trousers, you get the most breathable products on the market with four membranes for rain, wind, chilly weather, or hot & humid. It's perfect for outdoorsmen who are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. The two front pockets and two thigh pockets with extra zip pocket Pre-shaped knee and concealed knife pocket provide versatility, while the single rear pocket with zip fastening and adjustable Velcro ankle tab offer convenience. Featuring a four-way stretch quality material for superior comfort and fit with moulded knees to provide superior fit and comfort to the wearer. It is the time to simplify your life. Get access to The Deerhunter Chasse Trousers now and experience comfort, style, and performance in one easy purchase! Features: Elastic at waist Two front pockets Two thigh pockets with pleat and concealed zipper Hidden knife pocket at thigh pocket Back pocket with concealed zipper Pre shaped knees Adjustable at ankles with strap and velcro Lightweight clothing Two-way stretch for extra freedom of movement Water repellent and made from extremely heat resistant material Breathable Taped seams - this protects exposed areas and increases the product's waterproofness.